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Barbara Ehrenreich Forum: The Worst Day Ever: FURB! (Elyssa Durant)

Barbara Ehrenreich Forum: The Worst Day Ever: FURB! (Elyssa Durant) – Powers That Beat
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Barbara Ehrenreich Forum: The Worst Day Ever: FURB! (Elyssa Durant)


We live in a society where one accepts responsibility for their mistakes, no one is held accountable for their actions, ao one EVER says they are sorry.

Let me you a small glimpse inside the day in the of the und/underemployed:

I spend day after day after may doing the same thing without any result: I can only offer you a glimpse into day in the life because there io room left to sit in my car, and I believe my apartment may actually be a fire hazard… This was my daily update posted at 7:30am:

I have done everything humanly possible to clean up the slack, however, I feel I have no other choice than to file a formal complaint so that my entire case is reviewed. The number of mistakes are so overwhelming that I simply don't have enough time to documents each and every one with the respective agency.

I will try to be more specific later without going into too much detail, but unfortunately, that level of detail is required to file the necessary appeals. Ironic huh? This apartment is like my own little cage, and I am just pathetic enough to run around in circles, hoping to find the much like a hamster wheel, rodent chasing in circles hoping to found my way out my way out before I run out air. If only I had finished my damn PhD, I would do my own case study or reality show on how far we'll go to have nothing at all…

I have taken care of the subrogation claim, however, that does bot minimize my level of frustration because I am DROWNING in paperwork. I have contacted several agencies to assistance such as the Disability Law and Advocacy Center, however, I do not have the resources necessary to provide them with timely response. There is a very limited time allowed to Request Reconsideration, or file an appeal.

I also want to be clear that every time I have to call Social Security or DHS, it only compounds my cost of living expenses (40 cents per minute on the telephone — a bill which is not even considered to be a justifiable expense) Most agencies do not include self-addressed stamped envelopes, and I can not afford the postage required to mail out all of the requested documentation (e.g., utility bills, medical bills, pay stubs, etc.)

Fortunately, a number of agencies will take online complaints. Unfortunately, my internet was interrupted for non-payment for several weeks and their is no funding resource or community agency that provides subsidized Internet access or free printer ink.

Transportation costs are ridiculous so going to the library is not an option. Neither is returning to work right now, since it would cost too much to get to the interview or provide official (expensive) copies of my graduate school transcirpts that were oh, such a good investment!

Set aside, I am not the most user friendly person right about now, so I have found it difficult to put on a happy face so I can work at McDonald's which pays more than Metro anyway.

The subrogation claim has been resolved but I just learned that my breast biopsy was not pre-authorized and I was told by my INSURANCE CSR (the person who answers the phone!!!) that I should not have the surgery that has already been scheduled at the Women's Hospital for 8/21/2008. AmeriChoice (United HealthCare) did they did not authorize the biopsy last month, and have not, as of yet, received a request prior authorization for the surgery next week…

This was a lovely 54 minute conversation because he would not mail me copies of my EOBs or confirm that what, if any, requests have been submitted for payment since my last inquiry and change of address. He finally told me to call the state (Tennessee) which I have already done several times, and they told me to call Social Security but it was already past business hours and I am not authorized to make changes to my file anyway.

I'll be in touch when I can. Unfortunately each agency has different deadlines, and it takes a lot of energy and time to scan in, copy, or respond to each inquiry in writing, so I find myself running out of time since I can't seem to get anything done unless I just do nothing at all.

And even though my life is a living hell, I have almost learned how to enjoy the sheer irony of it all… for someone with OCD and post-traumatic stress, this is truly a ridiculous little experiment.

I am becoming increasingly inspired to just burn every last document I own, throw away my keys and my cell phone and take Spotty some place where we can live off the land and ignore the fact that society has me chained to a computer screen that screen that does provide the basic necessities I need to live in this .

I have come this far, and I am becoming rather skilled and at expressing myself without needing an audience or the obsessive need to check every fact, throw, and typo for capitalization and perfection.

So for now… I write.

Maybe later, I'll read, but if there is any justice left in this world, someday, I'll actually live.

Good-bye for now. I need a break.

With love,Elyssa Durant, Ed.M.
Nashville, Tennessee
Cell: (615) 424-8810

"The paradox of education is precisely this– that as one begins to
become educated, one begins to examine the society in which he [or
she] is being educated." – BaldwinElyssa Durant, Ed.M.
Nashville, Tennessee


I feel for you but am finding it hard to understand your situation where you can't afford money to print necessary forms or afford bus fair to a public library. Please understand that I am not doubting what you say, but rather that what you describe is a pretty desperate circumstance.

Have you tried asking for lawyer assistance pro bono? I checked for you. The Nashville bar offers a Pro Bono program for certain circumstances, and it would seem that you meet the criteria. Check out

They prefer an email but if that's too uncertain for you you could try them via phone or physical address:

315 Union Street, Suite 800 Nashville, TN 37201


Things may seem grim but don't drown yourself in a negative spiral. Keep your mind pinned on the positive.

Best of luck to you.


No offense, but that was my first thought: you can't afford bus fare, phone minutes or paper/ink, yet you still have internet access?

Are you still in your apartment?

My first thought: You're kidding, right?

My second thought:
Poor thing just deosn't get it…
Take a look at "Good Fences" available online
Elyssa Durant, Ed.M.
Nashville, Tennessee
Cell: (615) 424-8810

"The paradox of education is precisely this– that as one begins to
become educated, one begins to examine the society in which he [or
she] is being educated." – Baldwin

It's the government. Gather your paperwork, make an appointment, haul it down there for them to make a copy of whatever they need. Might be nice if you typed up an itemized summary of whatever they are most interested in gleaning from said paperwork so they might not copy the whole darn pile so trees and taxpayer monies can be saved.

While in need you trade time for assistance (money, food, healthcare) because you have 40-60 hours that most working adults do not have. Spend that 40-60 hours helping others to help you. I hardly think that is asking too much. No free lunches without something in trade.

What really boggles my mind is that there are people out there who cannot afford these simple things that refuse to get out there and take a couple of jobs, any job, doing anything just to get money in their pocket. The illegals manage despite lack of English competency, what is the matter with these people?

Just an ant that can't comprehend grasshopper attitudes.

Nashville Bar Association and / or Legal Aid have both reviewed my case, and though I meet the eligibility criteria to obtain services, I found them to be very diasorganized in the application process. And simply could not do anything I hadn't already tried…

Limits federal limits for financial and certainly qualify for servies under various ADA protected categories, but what people don't realize is this… All I need is a actual, LIVING-WAGE job.

Trust me, they are harder to find than you might think.

I am certainly far below the income threshold and meet all eligibility requirements for various programs, but all I really want is the opportunity to be judged on my merits– not be forced to identify myself as a recipient of federal funds so that corporation can CLAIM the welfare to work reduction.

Thanks, but no. I do qualify for Vocational Rehabilitation but the state messed up records so badly that I have absoultely no idea what the status of my PASS application is.

Pro-bono and nonprofits community agencies simply are not set up to deal with such complicated inter-related and complex issues. Legal Aid and TPA have both reviwed and evaluated the status of my case.

Neither handle bankruptcy, student loan disputes, or ERISA disputes. The Disability Law and Advocacy Center did not show up to a scheduled negotiation. My designated representative succeeeded at doing one thing: consitently missing every single possible filing deadline regardless of the how many times I called, wrote, or complained for over three years.

That is negligence in my book.

Forgive me for saying so, but those are "advocates" I could do without. It would be nice if I could find someone who is professional enough to at least show up when THEY are being paid.

It would be so much easier if I could, in fact, find a real paying job, however despite my best efforts, I have found very few people who can be sensitive to my situation and allow reasonable accomodations that are my no means too, too disruptive or annoying.

Unfortuantely I will never meet the criteria of a rank and file employee, however I'm starting to think that maybe employers are not making the best of decisions when I look at how many of them are closing up shop. I need a job that pays, in full, on time, and does not mind my attentiomn (or obsession) to detail.

I even once got fired from Red Lobster the management felt I was "not Red Lobster Material." All in all, I guess that is not such a bad thing, because when I planned goals for myself, I cannot honestly say that being "Red Lobster Material" was not anywhere near the top of my list!

Unforutnately, good intent does not translate into the ability to pay salaries or related expenses such as INTERNET, telephone access or even basic transportation and realted expenses.

I am finding out that there are so many more people out there like myself who are "out-the-door ready and willing to go to work" were it not for the sinking economy and underwhelming job forecasts from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

I have tried looking at this from every angle, but the bottom line is this: I NEED A JOB!

Thank you for your thoughtful reply. I will no doubt be revisit your rsuggestions when I attempt to file my taxes again through the VITA program.

Sincerely yours,

Elyssa Durant
Nashville, Tennessee

Elyssa Durant, Ed.M.
Nashville, Tennessee

How did I miss this refreshing post?

Thank you so much for not doubting my efforts and sincerity when I tell you I've tried.

I know exactly how much money I am costing society, but what I have not done is abuse the system any more than it has abused me.

Surely, we all know that it is easy to skate by in American on less than $600 a month. And trust me if you have ANY illness when you go into the system, you will be so far beyond normal by the time you are through. assuming that is, that you are one the privileged elite who can meet their criteria and be poor like me!

I must be pretty freakin dumb if I thought I could try.

Thank you.


Elyssa Durant, Ed.M.
Nashville, Tennessee

Do you still feel I am abusing the welfare system by paying for internet access? Because I would so love it you could donate some wifi access to anyoneother than myself so others can ennjoy that elusive privilege of speaking loud. Surely someone can donate wifi to all us who should go without voice or recognition for using our words on the government's dime. Yeah, I guess you are right, I don't deserve internet access. It makes me angry to see comments like yours that insult my intelligeence and my sense of humor.

Whatever. If it makes you feel any better, I hope you feel just fine.

Elyssa Durant, Ed.M.
Nashville, Tennessee

So you are on welfare, can't afford paper, but can afford computer? No, I don't feel sorry for you. You probably just don't want to work.
I wonder if "new wave…" checks up on whether he's been read? (I know I do.) I think your (nwp) response in "this" category is kind of reprehensible but in "others" you appear more reasonable–still very angry. So, you are the more newly kicked around and definitely feeling sorry for only your own ilk? Not to mention, we, none of us, want to look pathetic, pride is there and it, somtimes, makes it all the more complex, yes? no?….
Hagofall, I have no idea what you are asking. I just think it's wrong that she manages to have internet on welfare but not paper. Her priorities are out of whack. Not one thing I've read about her mentions actually looking for any kind of job. I too have a MA, but I'll take what I can get, and not take welfare.
There are a lot of things going on here, for one, Bait and Switch might be a more appropriate forum for Elyssa. Not that it matters that much. People are just getting it off their chests. But the people Barbara Ehrenreich writes about in Nickeled and Dimed have always been poor and working. What I love greatly about BE's books is the writing and I am laughing through out. Irony keeps me going. But some people aren't like me in this and aren't we all so vastly different when you look at the details? When it comes to what we write via the internet, that is where we seem more alike–in our ideas. Ideas vs. realities.
Anyway, nobody is going to argue with the numbers. I'll venture to say that there have never been enough jobs for all the people who need them. And now? My local internet "help wanted" site showed 250 jobs with 18,000 job seekers. And this was before all hell broke loose. And don't forget there is competition for low wage jobs too.
I am fascinated with how people survive. As far as I am concerned nothing is a piece of cake when you're one us, us being the majority of human beings.
And New Wave Prince, I'll apologize , because I thought you were being mean but instead we just have different ideas.


One of 47 Million Underinsured in USA

We live in a society where no one accepts responsibility for their mistakes; no one is held accountable for their actions; and one EVER, EVER says they are sorry. Let me show you a small glimpse inside the typical day of the 47 million uninsured and underinsured in the wealthiest…

In "Free Speech and shit"

Unfolding Before You're Very Eyes To: March 6, 2018 This was the most difficult letter I've ever written and though I have no plans to hurt myself, my own mother told me I'm a burden and told her best friend I would be better of dead since I am a burden on her and her multi Million dollar estate. I know she said this for a fact since she said it to my face and also said the same of my sister on many occasions. She wished my father, his wife, my grandmother, my half brothers and even her own parents and siblings from sheer jealousy. All over a $4 Million dollar inheritance and a pair of diamond earrings. That's not a mother. That's a vulture. Forced me to give her $.35 cents to mail a birthday card to my brother and took items and gift cards I received for my birthday and returned them when and kept the money (credit) for herself. l simply can't take it anymore. This was the most difficult letter I ever wrote in my life. I don't want to give up but everyone seems to given up on me. Another severe and rapid degeneration in my condition. Don't call the authorities. I'm not suicidal and I so much to publish in the time I have left. Here is the letter: I can't even listen to it. I'm too sad to realize that the one human I gave everything to and loved has moved on and the past is now gone forever. Many times I pushed you away because I wanted to you to be happy and have everything you want and deserve. I can see now I'm just getting in the way and causing you distress. I will always love you for being the one person who could see through the darkness and bring out the light but I'm afraid it's too much for you and as much as love you (as my oldest and dearest friend) I want you to be happy and be everything I always knew you would be. I'm sorry I got so I'll after we reconnected. I would have never reached out if had any idea. My face is still beautiful and aside from a few extra pounds from IV out my body is still pretty banging so please remember the good times; the intimacy, love, passion and please please remember the laughter. I never got to say goodbye before but if you could please just confirm receipt when you get this because saying goodbye to you was the hardest thing I ever had to do in my life. You are free. Please baby, be happy, love laugh and don't take a single minute or the people who love you for granted. I do believe I am capable of giving and receiving love but I can't live this way; fully aware and no one who cares enough to see it if I'm dead or alive. I think of you every day but I love and respect you too much to burden you with my health or anything else. To be clear, I'm not suicidal so no need to call the authorities cuz that won't help. I'm thinking of the future and I'm worried I won't be able to take my own life due to health law regulations on euthanasia and physician assisted suicide. Just know I love you and I will miss you terribly just as I do right now. Be well my sweet. I love you. -- LizzieD -- Posted By Elyssa D'Educrat to The Powers That Beat at 3/06/2018 02:53:00 PM

Hello, my sweet. Just waking up and have use of my hands for a bit and just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate you. I know it's hard for people to know what to say to me right now under the circumstances and a bit awkward that we…

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The Cops Were Clowns

Pepe's Final Gift: The Gift of Goodbye Many years back I had the most vivid nightmare, that 16 years later I can still remember the details of my worst nightmare: I am standing in a sea of unfamiliar faces. There is violence everywhere. Red. Broken. Bleeding. I am holding Pepe,…

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I don't always play nice but I always play fair. © 2018


Elyssa D. Durant 
Research & Policy Analyst
Columbia University, New York

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Healthcare Revolution Needed in America ©️ Elyssa Durant 2018

Healthcare Revolution Needed in America – Powers That Beat

Cross posted: 

Healthcare Revolution Needed in America

You say you want a revolution?

The Beatles: You Say You Want a Revolution

DailyDDoSe ©️March 29, 2018

I was admitted and discharged five times since I first woke up paralyzed early January trying to get a neurological consult.

Was told in no uncertain terms, there neurosurgeon and have been told "there's no neurologist or [137/81] neurosurgeon in this hospital. Then I'm told I have to see one outpatient and they discharge me to home without a wheelchair, walker, transportation, a diagnosis or any kind of treatment plan and tell me if I don't leave I'm responsible for the entire bill.

When I explain to them that I can't walk they offer no suggestions and tell me to take a taxi and go to another hospital because I'm too young for inpatient rehab and that my insurance won't pay for transportation because "you have bad insurance."

They TELL me they requested a walker or services or a medical surgical transfer but that it has been denied and that I have no rights to appeal.


I've worked in many capacities as a private and government contractor and have been studying, auditing, advising, writing and advocating for myself and others and have served twice as an expert witness on health care appeals.

I'm not going to post my curriculum vitae here and I shouldn't have to but I've NEVER heard such a ridiculous line of bullshit in my life and I'm too furious and weak to fight the system right now.

But you don't have to be a fùcking scientist to google my name and figure out that I might not be the best person to fuck with for too long while on steroids before I take this whole god damn hospital, insurance company (and YES, the corrupt piece of shit Governor too) down with me.

This isn't just a lawsuit waiting to happen, it's a god damned revolution.

I've done it before and I'll do again. I'm not in this alone, and neither are the millions of Americans who are forced into medical bankruptcy, permanent disability or unable to navigate or access appropriate, affordable, accessible, medically necessary lifesaving medical care in the richest country on earth.

Call congress, call me, call your reps!! Now is not the time to sit back and be complacent.

I'm going to need some time to heal. This experience has broken me in ways I did not see coming but I promise you, I will not stop fighting and I beg you to keep doing the same.

Thank you for all of the love, support, patience and kindness. Having kind, caring people reach out to me across the world has made all the difference. More than you could possibly know.

I refuse to sit back and watch all the work I've done and the work of so many others go unnoticed.

Peter Morley

Natalie Weaver

Alyssa Milano

Scott Dworkin

Craig Anne Heflinger

Virginia Betts

Lori Smith

Tony Garr

Emmanuel Morel

Telene Thomas

Kirsten Olson



Roanna Carleton

Wayne Oldfield

To name just a few…

To be continued!

Elyssa D. Durant, Health Policy Analyst ©️ 2018


The Next Revolution in Healthcare: The Time is now.

You say you want a revolution? DailyDDoSe ©️March 29, 2018 I was admitted and discharged five times since I first woke up paralyzed early January trying to get a neurological consult. Was told in no uncertain terms, there neurosurgeon and have been told "there's no neurologist or [137/81] neurosurgeon in…

In "The Resistance"

Hello, my sweet. Just waking up and have use of my hands for a bit and just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate you. I know it's hard for people to know what to say to me right now under the circumstances and a bit awkward that we…

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I don't always play nice but I always play fair. © 2018

Elyssa D. Durant 
Research & Policy Analyst
Columbia University, New York

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

DailyDDoSe: Trump's Syria strike failed, Israeli intelligence reportedly says

Trump's Syria strike failed, Israeli intelligence reportedly says
DailyDDose ©️ April 18, 2018

Brutal condemnation of Trump from Israeli intelligence. That's got to hurt. I'll be sure to troll him with it on Twitter. 

Israeli intelligence reportedly says Trump's Syria strike failed, didn't take out much of anything

USS Michigan loading TomahawkMass Communication Specialist Seaman Apprentice Samuel Souvannason/US Navy
US Navy sailors load a missile into a submarine.
  • Israeli officials cited in a Ynetnews report characterized the missile strike on Friday by the US, the UK, and France on suspected chemical weapons facilities in Syria as a failure.
  • Multiple Israeli government and military sources suggested the strike was not effective in hurting Syria's ability to conduct chemical attacks.
  • These officials also criticized President Donald Trump's talking about the strike beforehand.
  • The latest strike most likely didn't change anything on the battlefield in Syria, and it's hard to know how much of the chemical weapons stockpile it hit.

The strike by the US, the UK, and France in Syria on Friday involved 105 missiles fired from air and sea to rain down thousands of pounds of explosives on three targets suspected of being chemical weapons facilities - but Israeli officials cited in a recent news report characterized it as a failure.

"If President Trump had ordered the strike only to show that the US responded to [Syrian President Bashar] Assad's use of chemical weapons, then that goal has been achieved," Israel's Ynetnews quoted a senior defense official as saying. "But if there was another objective - such as paralyzing the ability to launch chemical weapons or deterring Assad from using it again - it's doubtful any of these objectives have been met."

An intelligence official who talked to Ynetnews wasn't as forgiving.

"The statement of 'Mission Accomplished' and (the assertion) that Assad's ability to use chemical weapons has been fatally hit has no basis," the official said, most likely referring to a recent tweet from President Donald Trump.

Unlike the US's strike in April 2017, the latest one did not target Syrian jets or airfields - though the earlier attack apparently had little impact, as Syrian jets took off from the damaged airfield within 24 hours and reports of chemical warfare persisted.

Israel is apparently not impressed with Trump's tough talk

Google Maps
The Tayfur, or T-4, military air base near Homs, Syria.

The Israeli officials seemed to take issue with Trump's talking about plans to strike before doing so.

Israel is suspected of carrying out a silent but lethal air war against Iranian-aligned militias in Syria, though Israel seldom comments on whether it took part in specific strikes, and if it does, it's always after the fact.

"If you want to shoot - shoot, don't talk," Ynetnews quoted an Israeli diplomatic source as saying. "In the American case, this is mostly talk. They themselves show actions are not going to follow."

After Trump tweeted a warning last week to "get ready" for incoming missiles, it appears Russia and Syria moved assets to more protected locations in an attempt to limit the available targets for a strike.

Nobody knows how many chemical weapons Assad has left


The US said the strikes hit the "heart" of Syria's chemical weapons infrastructure but acknowledged that some "residual" capabilities remained. The strike did not deal any damage to Syria's air force, which the US suspects of deploying the weapons.

While Ynetnews' sources estimated that the strikes didn't take out the bulk of Syria's chemical weapons, it's hard to know the extent of its current stockpile or exactly where all the stores could be.

International inspectors certified in 2013 that Syria had destroyed its chemical weapons facilities as a result of a deal brokered by Russia. But reports of chemical attacks have surfaced regularly since then, and Islamist rebels fighting in the town of Douma - the site of the suspected chemical attack earlier this month that sparked the US and allies' strike on Friday - say Assad is using the terrifying weapons to win on the battlefield.

"They bombed and bombed, and we weren't defeated by conventional weapons, so they found the only way was to use chemical [weapons]," an official in the rebel group Jaysh Al Islam told Reuters.

Despite the US and allies' latest missile strike, the Syrian government has strengthened and fortified its position by clearing out more rebel strongholds.

The UK has acknowledged that the intention of the strikes was not to turn the overall tide in the war and was essentially meant as a punitive action to compel Assad not to use chemical weapons.

NOW WATCH: How airplanes fly those giant banner ads - it's more dangerous than you think

Elyssa D. Durant 
Research & Policy Analyst
Columbia University, New York

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Google Переводчик

Google Переводчик
Well this is disturbing as hell

Номер 11, Оккультный, NWOrder

В недавней статье на сайте мы перечислили события, поскольку они относятся к определенному числу Одиннадцать. Меня спросили, что я делаю. Я просмотрел его и из ряда источников из твердого христианского источника на оккультизме, а также некоторые цитаты из других секуляристов о том, что, по их мнению, означает номер 11, я теперь расскажу, что для нас означает 11.

Во-первых, Посмотрим, что говорит Нумерология об этой последовательности из 11.

11 - самый интуитивный из всех чисел. Он представляет собой освещение; канал к подсознанию; проницательность без разумного мышления; и чувствительность, нервная энергия, застенчивость и непрактичность. Это мечтатель. У 11 есть все аспекты 2, усиленные и заряженные харизмой, лидерством и вдохновением. Это число с врожденной дуальностью, которая создает динамизм, внутренний конфликт и другие катализы с его простым присутствием. Это число, которое, когда оно не фокусируется на какой-либо цели вне себя, может быть повернуто внутрь, создавая страхи и фобии. 11 идет по краю между величием и самоуничтожением. Его потенциал роста, стабильности и личной власти заключается в его принятии интуитивного понимания и духовных истин. Для 11 такой мир не встречается так логично, а верою. Это число психических.

Нумерология ref

Номер 11-11 имеет двойную цифру и поэтому считается магистром или номером власти. В Нумерологии - 11 представляет собой непрактичный идеализм, дальновидность, изысканность идеалов, интуицию, откровение, художественный и изобретательный гений, авангард, андрогинный, фильм, известность, утонченность, выполненную при работе с практическим партнером. Одиннадцать - более высокая октава второго числа. Он несет психические вибрации и имеет равный баланс мужских и женских свойств. Поскольку одиннадцать содержит много подарков, таких как психическое осознание и острое чувство чувствительности, оно также имеет такие негативные последствия, как предательство и предательство от тайных врагов.

Номер мощности ref:

С точки зрения оккультизма, нумерологии, кабалы и других мистицизм, Eleven - это число Силы. В качестве ссылки выше [я не рекомендую нумерологию или какой-либо ссылочный сайт, но я перечисляю сайты только как авторитет светского мистического значения 11.

Человек всегда хотел власти. Несколько больше, чем другие. С ранней Вавилонской башни, которая начинается в Книге Бытия Chapter Eleven, для многих народов мира, была мистическая вера. Нахождение секретной силы или знания было тем, чем был Кабала. Еврейская традиция прослеживает Кабалу назад к Соломону, который, когда он был отступником, использовал свои знания для контроля темных сил. Когда он это делал, он был помещен в секретную книгу. Это та книга, которую многие тайные общества стремятся получить. Он якобы содержит обширные темные секреты, чтобы контролировать все темные силы и духи, чтобы позволить человеку все, что он хочет. Это борьба за власть, в которой мы сейчас находимся.

Новый порядок. На обратной стороне нашего собственного долларового счета есть незаконченная пирамида, которая, согласно министерствам Cutting Edge, обсуждает символику и интерпретацию слов, вписанных там.

Annuit Coeptis - «Объявление о рождении»

* Â Novus Ordor Seclorum - «Новый мировой порядок»

* Capstone - Глаз Гора [Теократия египетского мистицизма] = Глаз сатаны или Люцифера

* MDCCLXXVI на нижнем слое камней = 1776 [1 мая, Beltaine, Второй день святого дня] 1 мая 1776 года был создан новый мировой порядок, когда были основаны мастера иллюминатов, фундаментом которых было бы построенный на разврате и восстании. Его лидером будет сатана.

* Тринадцать слоев к пирамиде = число, '13' - оккультное число развращенности и восстания.

Аспекты Одиннадцатого, долларовый законопроект и даже Статуя свободы [который является образом ИИСИ, египетской богини магии и власти, наряду со многими другими атрибутами). Эта нация, называемая Америкой, наполнена множеством сходств со многими мистическими которые правили ранее. Именно этот волшебный оккультный, как атрибут, воинственный народ в своем восстании против Бога. Америка, увиденная в свете числа Одиннадцать, показывает нацию, у которой есть озарение и вдохновение. Сегодня это происходит от Люцифера «носителем света». Произошло озарение от Господа, который благословил эту нацию. Многие считают, что с самого начала этой нации ее носители были склонны делать это «Новый мировой порядок». Новая просвещенная нация с харизмой, силой, осветляющей мистикой, которая сделала бы ее великой. Другие видели «руку Бога». Независимо от того, какая точка зрения, Господь является правителем всех народов. Он позволяет людям жить по своему усмотрению.

Более того, брак между событиями, связанными с номером 11, нельзя сбрасывать со счетов. Слишком многие из них указывают на мистику. По чисто из Писания причинам номер одиннадцать не является номером власти. Это число, которое отталкивает людей от их Бога. Это видно по тому факту, что число двенадцать возвышено до полноты Божьей и Его Царства, которое покоится на двенадцати основах. Видно, что он пытается построить царство, которое решит все проблемы и закроет Бога. Одиннадцать построено на восстании. Как говорит библейский человек, это так:

Одиннадцать Неполнота, дезорганизация, дезинтеграция

Число одиннадцать представляет собой несовершенство в правительстве. Зачем? Потому что это число не более 12, что символизирует идеальное теократическое правительство. Когда мы смотрим на номер 12, мы видим, что он состоит из 1 и 2, что равно идеальному числу. 3. Число 1 символизирует голову, первую, первую, начальную, или источник. Число 2 - свидетель. Таким образом, число 12 является главным источником идеального правила Бога. В книге Откровения Иоанн описал небесный Иерусалим как стену вокруг нее, основание которой было сделано из 12 драгоценных камней.

Библия ref:

Другим человеком, который является прекрасным источником, является пастор Дэвид Мейерс. Он бывший сатанист, которого спас Господь. Вот его мысли по этому поводу.

«Число 11 - это число Водолея, так как Водолей является 11-м знаком зодиака». [Пастор Дэвид Майерс, «Служения последней трубы»; Июль 2001 г.]

Символ, связанный с этим, является носителем воды, он символизирует Богов, питающих землю энергией жизни. Одним из первых, кто был назван носителем воды, был греческий Бог Зевс в мифологии. Зевс принимается в греческом пантеоне Богов как «Высшее величие» над Богом и людьми.

Сатанисты вкладывали такую ​​власть в число. В связи с этим числом сатанисты в определенные дни ввели в действие план, чтобы ввести «новый мировой порядок». Вот что говорит CuttingEdge:

Сатанист всегда ставит большую силу в числах, особенно сатанистов черной магии. Как мы уже говорили в предыдущих статьях, Даниил 8: 23-25 ​​говорит нам, что религия, исповедуемая Антихристом, - Черная Магия; Далее, в Откровении 17:17 говорится, что последние 10 царей имеют тот же образ мышления и религии, что и Антихрист. Таким образом, мы не были удивлены тем, что оба президента Буша - практикующие Black Magic из Общества черепов и костей, и что Билл и Хиллари Клинтон практикуют сатанистов Черной Магии.

Другая цитата связана также с одной из величайших сатанистов истории W Wynn Wescott. Он протянул руку в исследованиях знаменитых «Убийц Джека Потрошителя» в Ист-Лондоне. Уэскотт также прибыл из той же области, что и Алистер Кроули, другой знаменитый сатанист. Поиск и поиск секретных знаний привело Уэскота к «рукописям Золотой Зари», которые были секретными знаниями из Кабалы. Он открыл учебное заведение для этих документов, которое в основном следовало за Ритуальной магической алхимией и Кабалой. Уэскотт также участвовал в Теософском обществе. Еще одна истинная сатанистская связь между Люцифером, которая хочет построить «новый мировой порядок».

Послушайте объяснение одного из величайших сатанистов истории, W. Wynn Wescott, который был чрезвычайно влиятелен во второй половине XIX века. «Последователи Пифагора ... относили каждый объект, планету, человека, идею и сущность к тому или иному числу, таким образом, что большинство современных людей должно казаться любопытным и мистическим в высшей степени. «Числа Пифагора», говорит Порфирий, живший около 300 г. н.э., «были иероглифическими символами, посредством которых он объяснял все идеи о природе вещей», и тот же [числовой] метод объяснения секретов природы однажды снова настаивая на новом откровении «Тайной доктрины», сделанном Б. П. Блаватским. «Числа являются ключом к древним взглядам космогонии - в широком смысле, духовно и физически, эволюции нынешней человеческой расы; все системы религиозного мистицизма основаны на цифрах. Священность чисел начинается с Великой Первой Дела, Единой и заканчивается только нулевым или нулевым символом бесконечной и безграничной Вселенной ».« Оккультная Сила чисел », W. Wynn Westcott, p. 15.]

Таким образом, в этих взглядах мужчин Сила - это числа и числа, обладающие полномочиями. Таким образом, мы имеем число Одиннадцать, выделяющийся в Событиях.

Таким образом, многие из кумиров прошлых языческих обществ были сформированы по подобию рыб, птиц, животных, Солнца, Луны и Звезд. Однако оккультисты также поклоняются науке и математике, лежащей в основе науки. Они буквально верят, что числа обладают присущей им властью, все свои собственные.

В Библии говорится, что Антихрист будет 11-м рогом, чтобы появиться на мировой арене [Даниил 7: 7-8], а Иллюминаты признают «11» одним из главных чисел их Антихриста. Когда мы рассмотрим, как произошли атаки 11 сентября «11» и проанализировали значение «11» в истории, вы увидите руку Бога, заставляющую руку Иллюминатов исполнять библейские пророчества!

Принимая во внимание доказательства, мы считаем, что Бог раскрывает то, что он делает. По тайным обществам, люциферианцам, секуляристам и другим, приносящим «новый мировой порядок», они фактически выполняют Библейское пророчество в Процессе. Они получают этот новый Мир, и мы действительно видим выполненное Библейское пророчество.

Elyssa D. Durant 
Research & Policy Analyst
Columbia University, New York